Unlock the potential of your business with quality professional services from Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C.. We offer a range of computer services including web site design, database applications and industrial data acquisition and control systems. We have the experience and dedication to our customers to do the work quickly and effectively.

We can help you create a web site to market your product or service, use databases to collect and organize business information, and automate data acquisition for industrial process control.

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Web Site Design and Hosting

If you are just starting to bring your company online, or have a web site and would like to enhance it, Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. can analyze your situation and consult with you on the next step.

We can set up a web site from the domain name registration to the dynamic web pages that attract and involve visitors. If advanced computer graphics are needed to communicate an idea, we can provide that too, using the latest design software. We tastefully design web sites, balancing functionality with aesthetics.

We design web pages individually for each customer and do not use "cookie cutter" templates. We believe each customer expects and deserves a custom internet solution. And once your web site is completed we can take care of all the updates and maintenance leaving your to concentrate on your core business.

We provide:

In all,anything you need to make a successful internet web site Just fill out a simple form to get started today! We feature competitive pricing for all services and your custom designed web pages can be 'live' on the internet usually within one week.

Database Design and Applications

Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. can design, develop and maintain databases either hosted at our facilities or on site at your business. Custom databases handle your information efficiently and are available twenty-four hours a day anywhere in the world.

Potential applications include links databases, calendars, sales information, internet commerce, site search engines, employee timecard systems, contact/sales leads databases, e-commerce systems plus many more.

We are experienced with OpenText BASIS as well as other SQL products and tools. We can provide focused database applications tailor made to meet your business needs. We can design forms for easy database updating and reports for any type of information. This translates into low maintenance, scalable, easy to use information systems for companies of any size.

You can try out some of our production databases at rt23.com Calendar, rt23.com Directory , rt23.com Classified and on our Links page. Our databases are closely integrated into the web site to form a seamless interface. We have many different useful database designs and applications to suit any purpose. Contact us today for a consultation.

Data Acquisition and Control

Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. is experienced in the design and assembly of complex process research systems. In chemical processes, typical systems include recording multiple temperature, haze, pressure, pH and agitation measurements over long periods of time. Control systems are assembled to regulate complex reactant feeds and temperature regimes.

We design systems using high quality Autoclave Engineers and Büchiglass products as well as fiber-optic UV/Vis probes. Eurotherm, Allen-Bradley and OPTO22 programmable logic are a specialty. In addition to LabView and proprietary ladder-logic systems, Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. is expert in creating intuitive, custom Visual Basic interfaces.