Trouble with your computer? We can help with our professional computer help desk support and computer repair services. Ardan Scientific serves New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with quality, personalized service for your home or business. We can help if your computer is running slower than normal because of a virus or balky software. Installation of computers, printers and networking products is a specialty. Why struggle and waste hours away when you can have it done at a reasonable cost by courteous professionals.

For fastest service twenty four hours, seven days a week, call 201-394-9820 or e-mail

Computer Tune Up - This service improves the performance and reliability of your computer and includes:

  • Full system check of hardware and software
  • Removal of unwanted icons and programs
  • Removal of viruses and spyware
  • Repair of corrupted operating system and files
  • Optimization of computer hardware and software
  • Install critical system updates and patches
  • Installation of Internet Security package if needed (additional cost)

Computer/Peripheral Setup - Having trouble setting up your computer, digital camera or printer? Why spend frustrating hours trying to figure out what is happening when you can have courteous, knowledgeable support to help get up and running quickly. Out professional services include:

  • Complete system setup - Have your new computer setup in your home or office. No need to struggle with complex instructions and heavy peripherals. We can set up your computer right out of the box and make sure it is running properly.
  • Printer Installation - New printer? Not sure what to do? We can help! We will install a new printer and get it working with your computer and even set it up as a network printer.
  • Digital Camera - We can help set up digital cameras on your system along with card readers for other digital media.
  • Broadband Connection - We can help set up your cable or DSL broadband connection as well as modems for dial-up services.
  • Computer Network - We are experts in the installation of wired and wireless network systems. Get the most out of your computers by linking them together to share files, broadband connections and files.

Data Transfer - If you just bought a new computer to replace an existing machine and need to have your files and data transferred to the new PC or laptop, we can help! Have you been putting off buying a new PC because you dread losing years of data and the programs that you count on? Call Ardan Scientific today and we can help you!

Install New Operating System - Still using Windows 98? We can install a new Windows XP Home or XP Professional operating system on your PC or laptop without losing currently installed files or programs.

Install Internet Security Package - We can help protect your desktop or laptop with the latest Internet security systems. Systems include anti-virus, firewall, anti spyware, mail-scanning and more!

Hard Drive Install - Running out of disk space? Hard drive failure? We can help by installing a new, high capacity drive.

Optical Drive Install - Need a new CD-ROM or want to upgrade to the newest DVD writer? We can help install a new optical drive in computer.

Computer not working at all!! - We can diagnose your computer or laptop, repair it and bring it back to life. Give us a call today!


Unlock the potential of your home or business computer with quality professional services from Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C.. We offer a range of computer services including web site design, database applications and industrial data acquisition and control systems. We have the experience and dedication to our customers to do the work quickly and effectively. We can help you create a web site to market your product or service, use databases to collect and organize business information, automate data acquisition for industrial process control and nearly anything else to make your computer work for you.

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