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Hardware Interrupts (IBM PC)

ASCII Codes Harware Interrupts Serial Ports

NMI Non-Maskable Interrupt (Parity)
Interrupt Controller 1
IRQ0 Timer Output
IRQ1 Keyboard

XT - Reserved

AT - Route to interrupt controller 2, IRQ8 to IRQ15

IRQ3 Serial port comm 2 or SDLC
IRQ4 Serial port comm 1 or SDLC

XT - Hard disk controller

AT - Parallel port printer LPT2

IRQ6 Floppy disk controller
IRQ7 Parallel port printer LPT1
Interrupt Controller 2
IRQ8 Real time clock
IRQ9 Software redirect to IRQ2 (Int 0A hex)
IRQ10 Reserved
IRQ11 Reserved
IRQ12 Reserved
IRQ13 80287 Math Coprocessor
IRQ14 Hard disk controller
IRQ15 Some hard drives or SCSI controllers